For Nonprofit Organizations and Leaders

“Strategy is how we turn what we have, into what we need, to get what we want.”  

Marshall Ganz, Sometimes David Wins

Mission driven organizations have the dual challenge of designing strategies that equip them to make the world a better place and to bring in enough money to keep at it until the mission is accomplished (which it almost never is!).

I work with nonprofits to defuse the tensions between being on mission and generating money, and instead help build strategies that keep a focus on mission-centric and financial goals that are both achievable and most necessary to achieve.

This work typically includes rigorous program evaluation and development and business planning.

I work with Board Members and Executive Directors to set clear expectations, identify the organizational priorities the Board could (and should) be addressing, and improve systems for recruiting, orienting and empowering Board Members to feel more inspired about the support can provide and less guilty about what they can’t.

I work with each organization to determine if building, or upgrading a Board around skill needs, committee structures, or individual financial contributions makes most sense and how to match existing abilities and energy to tackling the organization’s most important problems. Having been both an E.D. and a Board Chair I am sympathetic to the goals (and frustration) of everyone around the table.