For Individual Donors and Philanthropic Institutions

I help philanthropists, trustees and program staff set-up or refresh:

  • guidelines and application processes for grantseekers
  • protocols for reviewing applications & conducting site visits
  • schedules for awarding, disbursing and reporting on grants
  • standing agendas for effective Board meetings
  • periodic reviews of program or portfolio performance

For Nonprofit Organizations and Leaders

I work with nonprofits to defuse the tensions between being on mission and generating money, and instead help build strategies that keep a focus on mission-centric and financial goals that are both achievable and most necessary to achieve. This work typically includes rigorous program evaluation and development and business planning.

I work with Board Members and Executive Directors to set clear expectations, identify the organizational priorities the Board could (and should) be addressing, and improve systems for recruiting, orienting and empowering Board Members to feel more inspired about the support they can provide and less guilty about what they can’t.