Ford W. Bell, DVM, President, American Alliance of Museums

Marc is very good at keeping a large group (in our case, board and senior staff) focused on the big strategic picture without trying to control the conversation or to push the group in a direction that he has predetermined. This was the most productive board retreat of my tenure at AAM and I credit Marc’s approach – his ability to be flexible and to roll with changes along the way – with that success.

Judy Margles, Director, Oregon Jewish Museum & Center for Holocaust Education

Marc worked with us on a monumental task, to delineate a strategy to purchase a building. We were extremely impressed with the extensive preparation that he undertook and his ability to facilitate a process whereby he had us all thinking for ourselves, as opposed to having him think for us.

David Archuletta, Executive Director, Joe Goode Performance Group

What I appreciate most about working with Marc is his pragmatism and logical approach.  We bypassed all the fluff and got right down to the nitty-gritty.  Marc always maintained a firm outlook on the objective, and came up with a common sense process to get us there.  The results were practical, real-world applications of the ideas we discussed and they were delivered quickly and in a format that was easy to use, understand, and apply to the project at hand as well as for future uses.  I can’t recommend Marc strongly enough, if you are looking for meaningful guidance on organizational strategy, capacity building, or effectiveness.

Wayne Hazzard, Executive Director, Dancers’ Group:

 Creative conversations that move ideas forward are how I think about our recent work with Marc. He facilitated meetings with warmth and empathy that helped us meet our specific organizational needs and our long range aspirations. We will continue to reach out to Marc when we need help clarifying and promoting our work.

Laurie Cohen, Artistic/Executive Director, Mill Valley Philharmonic

We had the great fortune to work with Marc on several areas of orchestra development. Marc came to us with the ability to listen thoroughly and understand the orchestra’s creative and administrative culture; he has guided us with incision, new ideas and good humor. Marc brought us the focus we needed to develop strategies and actions in the areas of foundation, individual and corporate development–and even performance.

Adam Fong, Director, Emerging Arts Professionals:

The best part of working with Marc was his devotion to making the work meaningful. We were fearful of wasting money on an off-the-shelf approach to our strategic development, but the power of Marc’s work was to take us through a process in which every step was meaningful, useful, impactful… it’s the kind of leadership support that only comes from someone who’s been there before, who knows how to listen, who can ask the right question, who won’t hurry you past the important discussions, and who is most concerned not with the document you’ll make, but the work it’ll make possible.

Jo Kreiter, Artistic Director, Flyaway Productions:

Marc led a capacity building process that balanced artistic priorities and financial realities. He also infused a bit of hope into it all, which is something I needed (cynic that I can be). The process hit the spot and inspired and directed me to the pathways necessary to get where I want to go in the next 10-15 years.

KC Price, Executive Director, Frameline:

Frameline was incredibly fortunate to work with Marc Vogl this past year, and the organization could not have been more pleased with his consulting services.  We brought him on to guide us through the first stages of a new three-year strategic plan. Marc proved to be an invaluable facilitator for us; he was flexible in his approach, detailed and thorough with his follow through; and outstanding in working with a large group of people. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering his services.

Brad Erickson, Executive Director, Theatre Bay Area

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Marc in a number of contexts for almost ten years now:  as the leader of a Theatre Bay Area member organization, as a colleague in arts advocacy, as our program officer with the Hewlett Foundation, as the fellow executive director of a sister service organization, and most recently as a consultant working with Theatre Bay Area on critical issues impacting our organization.  In this recent project, Marc analyzed several of our key programs, collected data and input from peer organizations around the country, drew up highly implementable changes, while putting all his findings into a big picture framework that helped us understand the strategic, long-term context of his work.  As always Marc listened carefully, researched meticulously, and provided penetrating insights that have helped us instigate real and necessary change.